Wild Hogs Oklahoma Style

These are some of Bobby & Brandie Henry’s recent hog-hunting pictures. Pictured here is Brandie and her husband Bobby tieing down a sow getting ready to transport her home. We use NALC Catahoulas to bay with and 1 pitbull as a catch dog.

All the hogs are bayed and caught with dogs they DO NOT use guns or bows.

This picture is of Bobby leging a sow while the catch dog is still on her. The sow that we caught down by the Red River, Oklahoma.

All hogs are brought out of the woods alive.

The last picture is of one of our found dogs baying on a small sow.

If you are a beginner and someone who is still trying to catch its first big game, here are some essential tips that will help:

  • Dog Training: Train your dogs for tracking and catching. NALC Catahoulas are excellent for baying, and a pitbull can efficiently catch hogs. Proper training ensures dogs follow commands and work cohesively.
  • Preparation: Ensure you have the right gear. Wear protective clothing and use strong leashes and collars for your dogs. Carry sharp knives for quick, efficient kills.
  • Tracking: Utilize your dogs’ keen sense of smell to locate hogs. Allow the Catahoulas to track and bay the hogs, cornering them for an easier catch.
  • Capturing: Once the hog is cornered, move in quickly. Use your pitbull to secure the hog, then approach with caution. A well-placed shot or a swift knife strike ensures a clean kill.
  • Transport: After the kill, secure the hog properly for transport. Use sturdy ropes to tie the hog and load it onto your vehicle. Make sure it’s stable to avoid any accidents during transport.
  • Safety Measures: Always prioritize safety. Protect yourself and your dogs from potential injuries by staying alert and handling tools with care.