Fish Facts: Blackfin Tuna

A picture of a blackfin tuna underwater

Found commonly in waters such as the Florida Keys and other tropical locales, observing its abilities inspires awe. Studying this fish provides perspective on the diversity of ocean life. It also illuminates the thrill of sport fishing. Learning about the blackfin tuna enhances comprehension of our marine environment. Physical Characteristics Blackfin Tuna reaches up to … Read more

What Is A Spinning Reel Best For?

Spinning Reels - The Basics

The critically important aspect in the world of fishing gear is a choice between different types of equipment since these details would significantly affect an angler’s activity. Spinning reels, commonly referred to as open-face reels by anglers themselves, take on the role of a versatile and highly sought-after equipment type among enthusiasts worldwide. Understanding Spinning … Read more

How to Prepare for Kayaking – Tips for Beginners

Many vacation travelers regularly attend a lake or river for water sports. However, we know people for whom this year’s kayaking trip will be the first. We come to the aid of beginners and answer the question: how to prepare for kayaking? What to bring on a kayaking trip? The first thing you’ll probably think … Read more

Small Barracuda | Learn More About These Small Predators

Great Barracuda (Spyraena barracuda) has unique dental work. The teeth appear randomly placed but all Barracuda have the exact same dental arrangement unless of course a tooth is broken. Their long needlelike teeth actually each have their own hole on the opposing jaw. Barracuda are found worldwide in tropical waters. There are six separate species, … Read more

Turkey Hunting | Essential Gear and Additional Tips

This section is all about turkey hunting. You will find wild turkey hunting pictures, turkey hunting articles, video clips, hunting tips, and special hints. Don’t forget to check out the message board if you have any questions. Turkey hunting enjoys such a dedicated following because it is so unique compared to other hunting types. It … Read more

Fish Facts: Bluegill

The Bluegill Fish - Facts

Bluegill (Lepomis macrochirus) is also known as bream, brim, or sunfish. Bluegill Range from the Rio Grand to Minnesota to Florida and everywhere in between. Bluegill can be identified by the bluegill flap. Bluegill grows to a maximum size of nearly 5 pounds. Bluegills prefer pools in streams, lakes, and ponds. Bluegill is one of … Read more

Cought: Big Jackfish

This big Jackfish was caught by Arthur Toscano at the Port Aransas jetty in May, 2005. Jackfish or Jack Crevalle is one of the hardest fighting fish that swims. These fish are hard-fighting but not very good on the plate. But man they will give your arms a workout. Where Can We Catch It? Big … Read more