Fish Facts: Blackfin Tuna

A picture of a blackfin tuna underwater

Found commonly in waters such as the Florida Keys and other tropical locales, observing its abilities inspires awe. Studying this fish provides perspective on the diversity of ocean life. It also illuminates the thrill of sport fishing. Learning about the blackfin tuna enhances comprehension of our marine environment. Physical Characteristics Blackfin Tuna reaches up to … Read more

Small Barracuda | Learn More About These Small Predators

Great Barracuda (Spyraena barracuda) has unique dental work. The teeth appear randomly placed but all Barracuda have the exact same dental arrangement unless of course a tooth is broken. Their long needlelike teeth actually each have their own hole on the opposing jaw. Barracuda are found worldwide in tropical waters. There are six separate species, … Read more

Fish Facts: Bluegill

The Bluegill Fish - Facts

Bluegill (Lepomis macrochirus) is also known as bream, brim, or sunfish. Bluegill Range from the Rio Grand to Minnesota to Florida and everywhere in between. Bluegill can be identified by the bluegill flap. Bluegill grows to a maximum size of nearly 5 pounds. Bluegills prefer pools in streams, lakes, and ponds. Bluegill is one of … Read more

Cought: Big Jackfish

This big Jackfish was caught by Arthur Toscano at the Port Aransas jetty in May, 2005. Jackfish or Jack Crevalle is one of the hardest fighting fish that swims. These fish are hard-fighting but not very good on the plate. But man they will give your arms a workout. Where Can We Catch It? Big … Read more

Fish Facts: Bluehead Chub (Nocomis leptocephalus)

The bluehead chub has a stocky body and a very large head covered with tubercles. They have olive to brown sides often with dorsal and caudal fins orangish. The fish pictured above is a male which can be easily identified during the breeding season because their head turns blue. The average adult size is about … Read more

Fish Facts: Tripletail

The fisherman is holding a tripletail fish in his hands

When observing the waters of tropical oceans around the world, one species in particular stands out for its intriguing attributes – the tripletail fish. By their scientific name Lobotes surinamensis, these marine animals exhibit unique anatomical and behavioral characteristics that have captured the interest of researchers. We will share more details about this species in … Read more

Fish Facts: Rock Cale

A picture of a rock cale fish underwater

Rock Cale is known as either “Crinodus lophodon” or “Aplodactylus lophodon” depending on who you want to listen to. It is found from northern New South Wales to northern Victoria. Mostly in shallow waters, while eating algae. Physical Characteristics The rocky waters are home to an unusual resident called the Rock Cale. With its sizable … Read more

Fish Facts: Southern Sennet (Sphyraena Picudilla)

The Southern Sennet has a range from Florida to Louisiana. As you can probably see the Southern Sennet is closely related to the Great Barracuda yet is considerably smaller. The Southern Sennet is a predatory fish that feeds on fish, shrimp, and squid. Good to eat though not commonly caught for commercial purposes. Habitat and … Read more