Listen to Turkey Sounds

On this page I am assuming you are new to turkey hunting and haven’t learned how to use your turkey call kit yet you can also check out our turkey calls page to learn about the various tools used to make turkey sounds. Also, check here how to tell Gobbler From a Hen. Once you have … Read more

Vine Identification – 12 Types of Vine

Grapes hang from the vine

Cross Vine Cross Vine is a tough climber with bright orange-red flowers that bloom in spring. It’s native to North America and attracts hummingbirds with its vibrant colors and sweet nectar, making it a great addition to gardens and fences. Love Vine Love Vine, or Dodder Vine, is a parasitic plant that wraps around other … Read more

Cougar Track Identification

Finding cougar tracks is one way that experts can confirm the presense of a cougar in an area. Although for track evidence to be accepted as a proven confirmation it would have to be examined by a trained perfessional. But before that step can reached the layperson would have to know what he is looking … Read more