Listen to Turkey Sounds

On this page I am assuming you are new to turkey hunting and haven’t learned how to use your turkey call kit yet you can also check out ourĀ turkey calls page to learn about the various tools used to make turkey sounds.

Also, check here how to tell Gobbler From a Hen.

Once you have a kit start practicing the calls below and you will be attracting turkeys like never before. Each call is useful and can be a powerful asset on your next turkey hunt.

Fly Down Crackle

Used in the early morning to make a gobbler believe a hen has just landed at your location.


The cluck consists of one or more short, unconnected notes. Use this call to reassure a gobbler that everything is OK!


A Cutt is a series of fast, erratic… cutts. It’s abrupt and can be heard at great distances.


Male wild turkeys gobble most frequently in the spring to let the hens know they are in the area and ready for action.

Kee Kee Run

This call simulates a lost young wild turkey!


The yelp is a must-learn turkey call. It is a series of single-note vocalizations run together and often followed by other sounds.


Locator call. The owl call is used most often in the morning to locate roosted gobblers.