Hunting Expedition Gone Bad, Real Bad!

Many years ago a good friend owned an archery supply company and invited me to Montana for a two week bow hunting trip. He had paid for everyone’s tags and we spent many hours over the prior months planning and getting ready. He decided that we were going to hunt the Charles Russell National Wildlife … Read more

Wild Hogs Oklahoma Style

These are some of Bobby & Brandie Henry’s recent hog-hunting pictures. Pictured here is Brandie and her husband Bobby tieing down a sow getting ready to transport her home. We use NALC Catahoulas to bay with and 1 pitbull as a catch dog. All the hogs are bayed and caught with dogs they DO NOT … Read more

Caught: White Boar

The Hunt for the White Boar

My friend Jake and I had long enjoyed hunting together. One weekend we decided to scout the local woodland area, as rumors circulated of a rare white boar sighting in the region. Such an uncommon creature piqued our interest. We rose at first light to prepare our rifles, knives, rations, and other provisions for the … Read more

Do Real Hunters Still Exist?

I have always had a fascination with prehistoric man and his hunting ability. He could do something that we no longer can. He could make all that he needed and survive indefinitely off the land. Modern civilization has taken away our most basic skills which had sustained mankind for many thousands of years. We no … Read more

Field Dressing Your Deer

Your persistence has paid off; your deer is down, now what do you do? What you do now will determine the quality of your bucks meat at the table. Proper care of your deer is very important in making sure that its taste good when it is served at the table. This article is to … Read more