Wild Hogs Oklahoma Style

These are some of Bobby & Brandie Henry’s recent hog hunting pictures. Pictured here is Brandie and her husband Bobby tieing down a sow getting ready to transport her home. We use NALC Catahoulas to bay with and 1 pitbull as a catch dog. All the hogs are bayed and caught with dogs they DO … Read more

Proof: Oklahoma Cougar Caught on Trail Camera

Ryan Ritter retrieved his game camera (New Year Day 2010) since deer season was ending, but when he got home Ryan and his wife Susan were shocked to find 5 photographs of a mountain lion! These pictures are from Southeastern Oklahoma, Atoka County. Ryan and his wife Susan were amazed, especially since they had always … Read more

Caught: Picture of a Spoonbill Catfish

Picture of a Spoonbill Catfish Caught by Don in Oklahoma which weighed in at 50 pounds! This fish is one of 7 caught that day by snagging. Snagging spoonbills is legal in Oklahoma. Check you local regulations to see if spoonbill are legal in your area. Spoonbill are Plankton feeders.