Fish Facts: Wild Goldfish

Wild Goldfish are native to China but are now found in Lakes, ponds, and sloughs across the USA. They might be found where ever there is a combination of warm water, soft bottom and vegetation. Goldfish can hybridize with common carp and can compete with native fish. They should not be release into the wild. … Read more

Fort Stewart Wild Hog

This pig was taknen off of Ft. Stewart (military base) in Savannah, GA. Even at 6’5″ and 250 pounds the hunter still had a hard time dragging this hog out!!! His biggest boar yet, although he says bigger ones are around. He guessed the weight to be 250+.

Wild Hogs Oklahoma Style

These are some of Bobby & Brandie Henry’s recent hog hunting pictures. Pictured here is Brandie and her husband Bobby tieing down a sow getting ready to transport her home. We use NALC Catahoulas to bay with and 1 pitbull as a catch dog. All the hogs are bayed and caught with dogs they DO … Read more

Danger In The Woods

There is no doubt that a wild boar is a seriously dangerous game animal. The mix of phenomenal strength, two razor sharp tusks, and an extremely bad attitude create a real hazard that can turn a hunting trip into a hospital visit in a split second! To avoid blood and bandages a hog hunter needs … Read more