Proof: Arkansas Cougar Confirmation

Mountain Lion Caught on Camera in South Arkansas

A trail cam set out for deer in Arkansas has take a picture of a cougar. The picture was taken back on November 30, 2010, but the story is only now making the rounds and getting out there. The picture is from Roland, Arkansas. Not many Cougars pics have been showing up from Arkansas lately … Read more

Two Mountain Lions Confirmed in Western Oklahoma

The push East continues. On October 29, 2005, Ron Mills, the manager of Black Mesa State Park, encountered two mountain lions traveling together in the park. They were apparently stalking several deer that were bedded near the residence. The larger cat went into the brush before Mr. Mills was able to get a photo, but … Read more

Proof: Cougar Near Athens Arkansas

I don’t yet have much info on this cougar that was caught on a trail cam near Athens, Arkansas. But it has just turned up after a whole slew of Missouri sightings. Where it came from is still in question. Very unlikely that it has come from Arkansas… talking about the cougar, not the picture. … Read more

Are Public Lands the Best Place to Hunt Big Bucks?

Old Buck Hunting - Public Land

Public lands offer opportunities for hunting big bucks. Key strategies include identifying prime spots, effective scouting, and minimizing human disturbance. Success requires consistency, patience, and dedication. Prime Habitats Public lands offer diverse habitats for big bucks. Key areas include heavy cover, steep terrains, and spots near human activity but not frequently hunted. These areas provide … Read more

Black Squirrel – Facts

Facts About Black Squirrel

Black squirrels, a striking melanistic variant of the Eastern gray squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis), are notable for their unique black fur. This article provides a comprehensive examination of their population distribution, habitat preferences, genetic studies, and the effects of urbanization, integrating valuable data from recent research. Population Distribution In North America, black squirrels are found in … Read more

Proof: Oklahoma Cougar Caught on Trail Camera

Ryan Ritter retrieved his game camera (New Year Day 2010) since deer season was ending, but when he got home Ryan and his wife Susan were shocked to find 5 photographs of a mountain lion! These pictures are from Southeastern Oklahoma, Atoka County. Ryan and his wife Susan were amazed, especially since they had always … Read more

Listen to Turkey Sounds

On this page I am assuming you are new to turkey hunting and haven’t learned how to use your turkey call kit yet you can also check out our turkey calls page to learn about the various tools used to make turkey sounds. Also, check here how to tell Gobbler From a Hen. Once you have … Read more

Vine Identification – 12 Types of Vine

Grapes hang from the vine

Cross Vine Cross Vine is a tough climber with bright orange-red flowers that bloom in spring. It’s native to North America and attracts hummingbirds with its vibrant colors and sweet nectar, making it a great addition to gardens and fences. Love Vine Love Vine, or Dodder Vine, is a parasitic plant that wraps around other … Read more

Proof: Mississippi Cougar Caught on Video

Black Cat - Cougar- Spotted In Mississippi

Thanks for visiting my website, I hope you enjoy all the video clips. Below is a video clip of a cougar aka panther, mountain lion, or puma. The amazing part about the clip is where it all happened! This wasn’t filmed out West where cougars are well established. This video was taken near Meridian Mississippi. … Read more

Cougar Track Identification

Finding cougar tracks is one way that experts can confirm the presense of a cougar in an area. Although for track evidence to be accepted as a proven confirmation it would have to be examined by a trained perfessional. But before that step can reached the layperson would have to know what he is looking … Read more