Proof: Cougar Near Athens Arkansas

I don’t yet have much info on this cougar that was caught on a trail cam near Athens, Arkansas. But it has just turned up after a whole slew of Missouri sightings.

Where it came from is still in question. Very unlikely that it has come from Arkansas… talking about the cougar, not the picture. Arkansas has not yet got an established breeding population of mountain lions.

You might hear speculation that it came from Nebraska but that would just be speculation. Unless good DNA evidence is collected we will never know. It is not any more likely to have come from Nebraska as from Texas, Dakotas, Wyoming, or anywhere else out west.

Male cougars regularly strike out when young on long-distance journeys amounting to many hundreds of miles as they search for a place to call home.

Chances of Facing a Mountain Lion in The Area

They rarely encounter humans. In areas near Athens, Arkansas, the likelihood of crossing paths with a mountain lion remains low. Despite occasional sightings, there is no established breeding population in the region. This reduces the chances of frequent encounters.

Male cougars travel long distances in search of new territories. These journeys can span hundreds of miles. This movement explains sightings in unexpected places, like the recent one near Athens. Yet, these are often transient visits rather than signs of permanent residency.

Arkansas has vast areas of suitable habitat. This environment could support a mountain lion. Yet, the absence of a breeding population means any cougar seen is likely passing through.

Safety remains a priority. While encounters are rare, being prepared helps. If you find yourself in cougar territory, follow these steps:

  1. Stay Calm: Do not run. Stand your ground and face the animal.
  2. Make Yourself Big: Raise your arms or open your jacket.
  3. Speak Firmly: Use a loud voice to scare the cougar away.
  4. Back Away Slowly: Do not turn your back. Keep eye contact as you retreat.

Cougars avoid human contact. They prefer remote, undisturbed areas.