5 Best and Worst Casino Games to Play for a Beginner Gambler

Gambling is a favorite recreational pastime for many, but all gamblers are not the same. There are full-time professional gamblers. These people make a living out of the money they make from gambling. Hence, these people have strategies to win more often than they lose. However, most of the people who visit a Casino are not experts; they are beginners who want to enjoy a game. So if you are a beginner or an expert, you can go to SPY-Casino if you want to enjoy a game of gambling.

Are All Gambling Games The Same

Most people mistakenly believe that all gambling games are the same and that they involve a huge amount of luck. However, that is far from the truth, and there are some games that are good for beginners. Games like Blackjack and Poker, where a player can win if he has a foolproof strategy, are good for beginners. On the other hand, games like Slots or Keno should not be attempted by beginners if they do not want to lose a lot of money.

What Are The Games That A Beginner Should Play At A Casino

1. A Game Of Blackjack

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This game is played against the dealer and not between players. The game is simple, and whoever has a total card value of more than twenty-one loses. So the aim of the player should be to get the highest score possible, but that should be below twenty-one. There is a simple strategy for winning, and the player should stop playing depending on the dealer’s opening card.

The higher the value of the dealer’s opening card, the sooner he is going to reach a value of twenty-one. Also, the game is not very complicated, and a beginner does not have to remember many rules while playing. If someone knows the value of all the cards, then he is good to go.

Only the ace card has a special role to play; the ace can be used as one or eleven, depending on the situation. So if there are chances that a player’s total value of cards might go beyond twenty-one, then he can use the ace card as one.

On the other hand, if there is a huge gap between the dealer’s cards and the player’s card, then the ace can be used as an eleven. Blackjack is a great game to play for beginners; the chances of winning are as high as 42 %. So if a beginner plays the game with a proper strategy, chances are that he might win a few games and take home some prize money. However, mastering the strategy is not easy, and professionals put in a lot of effort to maximize their winning opportunities.

2. Playing Poker

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In Poker, players compete against each other and the person who has the best hand wins. Remembering the value of the cards in Poker is slightly challenging, but once the rules of the game are clear, there are good chances of winning. The simple strategy is to make other people believe that you have a better set of cards than them. This can be done by bluffing the opponents.

There are many ways to bluff the opponents, like skipping chances even when one has good cards. Again, placing bigger bets makes opponents think that a player has a better hand than what they actually have. However, fooling someone is not easy, and most regular players will be able to spot a bluff if it is not executed properly. So a beginner has to master the psyche and the body language to fool the opponents successfully.

What Are The Games That A Beginner Should Avoid In A Casino

1. Playing In A Slot Machine

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In Slots, the player has to get the winning combination in his Slot machine. The combination may be present in the horizontal, vertical or diagonal line. Casinos offer smaller prizes for getting the right combination in single lines but winning the ultimate jackpot is quite complicated. A person has to get the right combination in multiple lines to win the prize.

Moreover, players across multiple Casinos take part in a game of Slots; hence the chances of one person winning the jackpot go down tremendously.

2. Playing Keno

In Keno, a person has to fill in the bubbles corresponding to some number on a card. Then a machine churns out a few balls every minute with some numbers written on the balls. If the numbers on the ball are the same as those filled in the card, then the person wins, or else he loses. So Keno is pretty much like a lottery, and a person has no control over the outcome.

Thus, beginners should stay away from this game as they might end up spending a lot of money without actually gaining anything.

3. Playing Roulette

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A Roulette table has a circular wheel and a ball that rotates and falls into the pockets on the circular wheel. If the gambler places bets on the number in which the ball falls, then he wins. Most beginners fail to win at the Roulette table because they are biased toward some numbers, and this causes them to lose money. In Roulette, each pocket or number has one out of thirty-seven chances of winning and being biased for or against any number does not help.

Most experts win Roulette because they work on their betting strategy rather than guessing the right number. They divide their betting amount in such a manner that they end up winning some money at the end of the day.


Gambling is challenging and risky for professionals as well as beginners. However, beginners lose more often than they win because they do not know which game they should play.

They end up playing in the Slot machine or the Roulette table, and hence they lose money. However, if they are more vigilant, they will choose games like Blackjack, which have great odds of winning.