Turkey Calls

This page was created so users can see the different turkey calls available and where they can buy them at affordable prices. If you have a set of turkey calls already and are looking to learn how and when to use them duck over to our Turkey Sounds page.

Turkey Box Calls:
Box calls create sound by the friction of sliding a lid across a box. They can create a good level of volume and area valuable tool for a turkey hunter.

turkey box call
Primos Wet Box Turkey Call

Turkey Friction Calls:
A common turkey call that involves drawing a peg or striker across the surface of a dish to create lifelike turkey sounds.

turkey friction call
Zink Calls Thunder Ridge Series Friction Turkey Call

Turkey Mouth Call:
Turkey mouth calls are great for when turkeys get in close. They free up your hands allowing you to prepare as needed for the upcoming shot.

turkey mouth calls
Primos Hunting Hook Hunter Turkey Mouth Calls


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