Louisiana’s Birdfoot Delta

When it comes to fishing, few places can match the versatility of Louisiana’s birdfoot delta. Mention the birdfoot Delta in any fishing circle, and you’ll get more than your share of puzzled looks. Yet this is the exact term geologists use to define the prolific area of Southeast Louisiana, better known as the Mississippi Delta … Read more

Deer Hunting

This section is all about deer hunting, more specifically whitetail deer hunting. The love of deer hunting is what drove me to create this site to begin with. By displaying white tail deer pictures, articles, video clips, hunting tips and special hints I hope to improve other peoples experiences while out in the field. I … Read more

The Cajun Bahamas

Grand Isle, Louisiana, is the Cajun Bahamas Just two hours southwest of New Orleans at the southern most point of La. State Highway 1, lies a whole other world that lives up to its name, GRAND Isle. Grand Isle, from earliest days of exploration along Louisiana’s coast, has indeed figured strikingly with regard to state … Read more

Hunting Expedition Gone Bad, Real Bad!

Many years ago a good friend owned an archery supply company and invited me to Montana for a two week bow hunting trip. He had paid for everyone’s tags and we spent many hours over the prior months planning and getting ready. He decided that we were going to hunt the Charles Russell National Wildlife … Read more

Yet Another Record Speckled Trout from Louisiana!

Records continue to fall. This is a least the 5th trout to top ten pounds this year in Louisiana! Captain Steven Bono guided angler Timothy Mahoney on an afternoon fishing trip! The result…. a 11.2 pound beauty! This fish will place number 3 or 4 in the state record list. Mahoney booked the trip with … Read more

Louisiana’s Oil Rigs – Great Artificial Reefs!

Fishing Louisiana offshore oil production platforms (rigs, wellheads) can prove successful, if you know the right methods, tips, tactics, how-to, and techniques. Off the coast of Louisiana lies some of the world’s most unusual reefs. We’re not talking about coral or shell reefs, but the steel legged kind that the oil companies constructed throughout the … Read more