Fish Facts: Juvenile African Pompano

Juvenile African Pompano, notice the long filaments that tip the end of its fins. These get shorter the older the fish is. Even though the names implies they are an african fish they do occur in U.S. waters each year. You might be interested: Recipes: Florida Pompano

Fish Facts: Longtail Bass – Hemanthias leptus

Longtail bass are a colorful fish from the Western Atlantic Ocean. The live in water 180 feet deep on out to water 900 feet deep. Range from South Carolina to the Caribbean Sea, including Northern Gulf of Mexico. Here is another one!

Fish Facts: Bearded Brotula

Bearded brotula – Brotula barbata is a bottom feeder found over a variety of bottoms in water that ranges from as shallow as 50 to as deep as 1000! Bearded brotula range from Northern Florida in the Atlantic to the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean and southward to Northern South America. Bearded brotula are … Read more

Fish Facts: Northern Kingfish

The northern kingfish Menticirrhus saxatilis is a member of the drum family and is often found in the trough adjacent to the swash zone of the beach and on sand bottoms in the bays and channels. And range from Chesapeake Bay to New York usually but can be found outside of this range to a … Read more

Fish Facts: Cocahoe Minnow – Fundulus grandis

Cocahoe minnows go by a number of different names. In Louisiana they are known as cocahoes, in Florida they go by bull minnow or mud minnow, in text books they are often referred to as gulf killifish. Regardless of the name the cocahoe minnow is an excellent baitfish. They are large and hardy and speckled … Read more

Fish Facts: Southern Sennet (Sphyraena picudilla)

The Southern Sennet has a range from Florida to Louisiana. As you can probably see the Southern Sennet is closely related the Great Barracuda yet is considerably smaller. The Southern Sennet is a predatory fish that feeds on fish, shrimp and squid. Good to eat though not commonly caught and utilized.

Fish Facts: Spoonbill Catfish – Polyodon spathula

The Spoonbill Catfish (Polyodon spathula) also known as the paddlefish, is one of most ancient fish around and also one of the weirdest looking fish species. Spoonbill catfish are not actually catfish at all as the name implies. Spoonbill Catfish were once endangered but are now making a comeback. Spoonbill catfish have been around for … Read more

Fish Facts: Hybrid Sunfish

Most probably a cross between a bluegill and a green sunfish although it could be a warmouth, longear, redbreast or other combination as well. They are all capable of cross breeding. Hybrid bream are commonly raised by hatcheries for stocking in private ponds. The hybrid shows characteristics of both species. The body is not quite … Read more

Fish Facts: Lane Snapper

So you are tired of throwing back snapper after snapper because you have your limit already. Ten minutes of fishing is a little to quick for your fishing trip to end. Well I have good news. Even though Red Snapper keep getting more and more restrictive limits set on them, there are other snapper species … Read more

Fish Facts: Sarcastic Fringehead, Neoclinus blanchardi

Here is a video of a Sarcastic Fringehead, scientific name is “Neoclinus blanchardi”! This is a big one. If you were to see one underwater while scuba diving they look like a Big Ole Blenny. The fish hanging there has kind of made it look more evil then when seen alive. The bottom jaw is … Read more