Fish Facts: Short Bigeye – Pristigenys alta

The Short Bigeye is an unusual looking little fish. They are a nocturnal predator, seeking cover in reefs, wrecks and other structures by day and feeding at night. Short Bigeye’s occur in the Atlantic Ocean from Maine to South America.

Fish Facts: Bighead Searobin – Prionotus tribulus

Bighead searobin belong to the family Triglidae. They are all bottom dwelling fish. There unique heads, winglike pectoral fins and with the first few rays detached to look like fingers are identifing charactoristics of these fish. The scientific name of the bighead searobin is Prionotus tribulus. Bighead searobins reach lengths of 14 inches. They are … Read more

Fish Facts: Spotfin Jawfish – Opistognathus robinsi

Spotfin Jawfish – Opistognathus robinsi is a small unique fish that live in the western Atlantic Ocean around the east coast of the US including the Bahamas. Spotfin jawfish can be identified by the unique spot on the dorsal fin consisting of a black spot encircled by broad white ring. They are most common in … Read more

Fish Facts: Rock Wrasse – Halichoeres semicinctus

The Rock Wrasse (Halichoeres semicinctus) is quite an unusual fish. The reach lenghts of up to 15 inches and can live up to 14 years. The Rock Wrasse range from the Gulf of California in the south to as far north as Northern California. Rock Wrasse prefer shallow waters with sand bottom. Rock Wrasse are … Read more

Fish Facts: Lenticulata Pike Cichlid

Lenticulata Pike Cichlids are a very interesting and attractive fish which makes them a species used in the aquarium fish trade. They are found Rio Negro mostly with a few scattered populations in Amazon Basin of South America. They are predatory and feed mainly on smaller fish.

Fish Facts: Inshore Lizardfish – Synodus foetens

Inshore Lizardfish inhabit the shallow sand and mud bottoms of the inshore waters of the Western Atlantic Ocean. There range extends from Massachusetts to Brazil including the Gulf of Mexico. But Inshore Lizardfish are uncommon in the northern part of their range. Inshore Lizardfish are a relatively small fish reaching lengths of about 18 inches … Read more

Fish Facts: Stocky Hawkfish – Cirrhitus pinnulatus

The stocky hawkfish is the largest of the hawkfishes and are plenitfully found amoung shallow coral reefs from the Red Sea, East Africa Eastward to the the Marquesan Islands and Mangareva, also north to Japan and East to the Hawaiian Islands. The species is also found in the atlantic ocean near the southern tip of … Read more

Fish Facts: Cunner

The Cunner is a common fish in shallow waters around cover. Cunners are omnivorous feeding on a wide variety of prey including sea urchins, worms, fish eggs, molluscs and crustaceans. Spawning occurs from June to August. Cunner are small fish of about 1/2 pound or less. They range from Labrador to New Jersey. The fish … Read more