Fish Facts: Black Drum – Pogonias cromis

Black Drum (Pogonias cromis) reach a maximum size of just over 100 pounds but the “bulls” usually range in the 25 to 40 pound range. They have deep bodies with 4 or 5 broad black bars on there sides. They look very similiar to sheephead but get much larger. They also have barbel around the … Read more

Fish Facts: Taiwan Tai (Argyrops Bleekeri)

The reported range of the Taiwan tai is from Japan to southeast Asia and eastern Indian Ocean but this speciman and others like it occasionally show up in Australian waters. The Taiwan tai inhabits sandy and muddy bottoms and is an important food fish.

Fish Facts: Skipjack Tuna

The saltwaters of this world are inhabited by numerous species of fish. Its alway fun and interesting to catch something ‘different’. The fish pictured here is common off throughout the oceans of the world but many people don’t know it is here because they have never caught one, even among some regular tuna chasers. Well … Read more

Fish Facts: Atlantic Midshipman – Porichthys Notatus

Atlantic Midshipman have large heads, brownish in color. The are interesting because the sides of their bodies are lined with rows of light-producing organs. They reach sizes of approximately 8 inches in length. These fish have toxin on thier spines which cause painful wounds. Another interesting thing about Atlantic Midshipmen is that they attach their … Read more

Fish Facts: Atlantic pomfret – Brama brama

Atlantic pomfret (Brama brama) despite the Atlantic in the name are found not only in the Atlantic but also in the Indian, and South Pacific oceans. They are deep water fish living in water as deep as 6000 feet deep. The Atlantic pomfret is a mesopelagic fish, which means they live in the area of … Read more

Fish Facts: Black Adonis Pleco – Acanthicus hystrix

Black Adonis Pleco (Acanthicus hystrix) aka Lyre Tail Pleco is an armored catfish species from Brazil. This Pleco is sometimes bought by aquarium enthusiast but that is usually a mistake. Acanthicus hystrix is best suited for large public aquariums or large private aquariums not small home aquariums of 100 gallons or less. Take one look … Read more

Fish Facts: Blotched Picarel – Spicara Maena

Blotched picarel are most readily identifed by the dark blotch on their side that gives them their name. They are found in the Eastern Atlantic from Portugal, Morocco, and Canary Islands east through the Mediterranean all the way to the Black Sea. They are not a big fish and are only of minor commercial importance. … Read more

Fish Facts: Coney Grouper – Cephalopholis fulva

The Coney or Coney Grouper¬†Cephalopholis fulva¬†inhabits warm west Atlantic waters. The Coney is highly variable in its color. Pictured above is a beautiful golden colored coney. If you are trying to identify a fish you caught and it doesn’t look like the one above don’t rule out Coney on this one picture. They come in … Read more

Fish Facts: Northern Pikeminnow

Northern Pikeminnow (Ptychocheilus oregonensis) also known as the Northern Squawfish, is a member of the carp and minnow family. They can be found in the Pacific drainages from Nass River in British Columbia South to Nevada. Northern Pikeminnows are a predatory fish that cause significant mortality amoung trout and salmon populations. Enough to where there … Read more