Fish Facts: Lane Snapper

So you are tired of throwing back snapper after snapper because you have your limit already. Ten minutes of fishing is a little to quick for your fishing trip to end. Well I have good news. Even though Red Snapper keep getting more and more restrictive limits set on them, there are other snapper species that can help fill the void. You say no kidding who didn’t know that already. Well here is a tip that you just might not know. Lane Snapper look like Red Snapper more than any other snapper and are not identified correctly by many fisherman.

The picture below shows the distictive yellow coloration that will destinguish this fish from Red Snapper. You might look at the picture and say I have never caught one of those or think it is easy to recognize this fish from other snapper. But the picture is a little misleading. When you pull up a snapper from the depths the coloration is rarely this distinct. So there you have it. A quick tip that WILL improve your takehome pounds.

A sidenote, The record Lane snapper is only about 6 pounds. I know in Louisiana that it would be quite easy to make the top ten list for the state. I have eaten top ten fish and you probably did also.