Fish Facts: Mangrove Snapper

This is a juvenile Mangrove Snapper.

Mangrove Snapper (Lutjanus griseus) also known as gray snapper, is an important fish both commercially and recreationally. Mangrove snapper reach sizes up to 17 pounds max., frequently up to 12 pounds and more commonly caught at 2 pounds.

Mangrove Snapper range from as far North as Massachusetts, South to Brazil, including the Gulf of Mexico.

Young mangrove snapper live inshore around docks, mangroves, rock jetties etc., once they get large enough the move offshore and live closer to shore than other snappers. Adults prefer water 20 to 70 feet deep and live around wrecks, oil rigs, coral or rocky outcroppings etc.

Unlike most snappers the mangrove snapper often are found in the upper water column. A great sportfish mangrove snapper are among the most difficult snapper to catch. They can be quite line shy.