Fish Facts: Banded Drum

Banded drum are a little known drum that ranges from Massachusetts to Texas. Banded drum occur in shallow waters over mud and sandy bottoms. They feed on small shrimps.

Plant Features: American Holly

American Holly – Ilex opaca: A small to medium sized tree. Leaves alternate, persistant, simple, 2-4 inches longa and 1-2 inches wide. Leaf margin is wavy with stout, stiff, sharp spines. Fruit is a spherical red berrylike drupe about .25 inches in diameter, each containing several 1 seeded nutlets. Bark is Gray and thin with wartlike … Read more

Fish Facts: Mangrove Snapper

This is a juvenile Mangrove Snapper. Mangrove Snapper (Lutjanus griseus) also known as gray snapper, is an important fish both commercially and recreationally. Mangrove snapper reach sizes up to 17 pounds max., frequently up to 12 pounds and more commonly caught at 2 pounds. Mangrove Snapper range from as far North as Massachusetts, South to … Read more