“Hunting the Attakapas Island Ghost Buck”

The year was 1995 (three years after Hurricane Andrew). The place… Louisiana’s Attakapas Island WMA. Attackapas Island is thick and formidable, resisting entry and cold as heck in the Winter. While returning from a morning hunt I found HUGE deer tracks left on a remote trail. I studied these tracks and made my mind up … Read more

How to Measure According to Boone and Crockett Rules

There are two methods for scoring your trophy whitetail buck, Boone and Crockett and BTR are the two competing methods. Here the B&C; method for typical bucks will be explained. So lets get right to it. You will need a 1/4 inch steel tape to measure the antlers. This is mandated by the rules, no … Read more

Boone and Crockett Alabama Buck Picture

I was contacted by Sonja Davis and John Holderfield about a monster buck taken by their father. They were proud of their father and wanted me to show it off. Their father, Thomas Holderfield took this deer on Dec. 22 2001. It was shot on private land in Cullman County Alabama. Who says the south … Read more

The Fairytale Buck

When you are a child you might dream of fairytale creatures. As we get older these dreams turn to other endeavors. For many deer hunters, the dream is of record buck bucks or that rare non-typical buck with the coveted droptine. For one Louisiana hunter the 2001-02 hunting season presented a rare opportunity for a … Read more

Potential World Record Buck Arrowed in Iowa

This beautiful buck was taken by Harlan Swehla during Iowa’s 2002 bow season. Harlan Swehla and his friend were hunting near each other and both witnessed the buck before during and after the shot. This incredible buck sported 22 pointers and scored an incredible 240 points gross Pope and Young with a net of 237 … Read more