Hunting and Fishing Glossary

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(ebb tide)A receding or outgoing current.

An organism in early stages of development, before hatching from an egg.

A short period when doe are capable of breeding. It is only during this time that a doe will allow a buck breed her. If you does not become pregnant she will come into estrus again in 28 days. When a doe comes in to estrus depends on its genetics is directly correlated not to temperature but to the length of the days.

Exit pupil
Is located at the point where the eye must be placed to see the full field of view of a scope. Exit pupil diameters can be calculated by dividing the objective lens diameter by the magnification. Therefore, a 10x40mm binocular has 4mm exit pupils. Exit pupil will vary on scopes that can adjust the magnification but the formula is the same only the magnification changes, so don't use max magnification.

Eye relief
The distance in inches between the eyepiece lens and the exit pupil, where the eye must be placed to see the full FOV.

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