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Turkey Hunting: The sport of the turkey hunt is a great way to enjoy the outdoors. Turkey hunting enjoys such a dedicated following because it is so unique. It incorporates aspects of both small game an big game hunting. In some ways it is intense and in other ways it is laid back in some ways it takes a lot of skill in otherways turkey hunting is as simple as it can be.

With turkey hunting you get a bunch of toys to master. You can actually practice turkey hunt or at least the calling aspects of the sport right at home. This isn't something most other hunter groups get to do.

We all know that men are nothing more than big boys with more expensive toys. So turkey hunters get lots of enjoyment when they play with their toys, practice their slate calls, mouth calls or simply pack their vest for their next turkey hunting excursion. Some turkey hunters seem to get as much enjoyment from the preparation and strategizing as they do from the actual turkey hunt.

And since gobblers seems to win so many more times than the turkey hunters I can understand why the preparation is often more enjoyable than the hunt. We all like to hunt but getting made a fool of by a stupid bird takes its toll. But it is exactly that toll that makes the successes so much more enjoyable.

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Score A Wild Turkey

The National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) is the defacto standard aka official keeper of wild turkey records just like Boone and Crockett is considered the keeper of whitetail deer records although they are being challenged on that by the newer buckmaster method.

The NWTF have been keeping records since 1982 and their website...    Read more!

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Wild Turkey Hunting

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