Turkey Hunting | Essential Gear and Additional Tips

This section is all about turkey hunting. You will find wild turkey hunting pictures, turkey hunting articles, video clips, hunting tips, and special hints. Don’t forget to check out the message board if you have any questions. Turkey hunting enjoys such a dedicated following because it is so unique compared to other hunting types. It … Read more

How to Clean Your Wild Turkey

Your hunt is over and this time you, instead of that ole gobbler, came out on top. You admired the turkey, taken some pictures… now the fun is over and the work begins. What you do next will determine if you have as good an experience on the plate as you just had in the … Read more

How To Score a Wild Turkey – NWTF

The National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) is the defacto standard aka official keeper of wild turkey records just like Boone and Crockett is considered the keeper of whitetail deer records although they are being challenged on that by the newer buckmaster method. The NWTF have been keeping records since 1982 and their website is the … Read more