Alligator Hunting Tips

1. Place your setup in a place where alligator trails are spotted on the shoreline.

2. Your hook is should be baited with a piece of smelly chicken or fish.

3. Allow the bait to dangle around 2 1/2 feet above the water. The higher that the bait is above the water, the bigger the alligator it will catch.

4. Once you pull the alligator to the surface shoot them in the soft spot behind the eyes with a .22 don’t use high powered rifles.

5. Sheet Trick.

If you have a big alligator that is old and wise to alligator lines there is a way that you can make him bite. Take a piece of old sheet about the size of a chicken thigh. Use a knife to cut the piece from midways to the bottom so that it makes a couple of fingers. At night when the gators are hunting the slightest breeze makes the sheet move. This movement looks alot like an egret, crane, etc… to the alligator. And because chicken don’t naturally hang off of poles some alligators just pass lines up. The egret is a natural favorite of the wise alligator and this trick does fool the big ones.