Fish Facts: Leerfish – Lichia Amia

Leerfish are found in the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian Ocean, Mediterranean Sea. The Scientific name is “Lichia amia”. Leerfish is just one of many common names this fish goes by. Others include Akya, Garrick and Leervis. Leerfish are members of the Jack family.

Leerfish or Garrick are usually found in small groups in summer, usually less than 10 fish and larger groups in the winter. They come close to shore in search of mullet, shad and one of their favorites bluefish.

Leerfish reach sizes of 50-70 pounds although most are smaller. Leerfish are a locally popular sportfish and have some commercial value. Although not the best eating fish in the world they are quite edible, with the smaller ones being considered the best for the table.