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Deer Hunting

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This section is all about Deer hunting, and more specifically whitetail deer hunting is what drove me to create this site by displaying white tail deer pictures, articles, video clips, hunting tips and special hints. I live in Louisiana but I happen to hunt in Mississippi! All kinds of information here from deer stands to scents to a message forum for all.
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Deer Hunting Woes

The doe-eyed beauties are receptive and that big buck is pawing the ground in eager anticipation. No, no, I'm not talking about the White House - it's deer hunting season in Cook County again! Since moving up north, I've somehow become caught up in this mostly male ritual of hunting that mythical creature, "The Big Buck." I use the term "mythical" because I seem as likely to get a shot at a unicorn as I will at a legal buck.    Read more!

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