Buck Forage Oats In Your Deer Food Plot!

When it comes to providing the quality forage and attracting deer to your property, buck forage oats are hard to beat. Buck Forage Oats have been tested against many other forages including clover and clover blends and BFO’s has proven to be the most preferred forage in side by side test. During testing, Buck Forage Oats were utilized more than any other blend tested, now doesn’t that sound like something you want in your deer plots.

Buck Forage Oats aren’t just any oats. BFO’s have been breed to produces plants that are much more tolerant of cold than other oats. This means you plots will in most areas not be killed back during the coldest weather.

All plants grow in a series of stages. Plants are almost always most palatable to deer during the early part of the plants life, becoming more fibrous and containing less DIGESTABLE protein later in the life span. Buck Forage Oats have been genetically designed to grow slower, which means more tender, more protein, and more palatable for longer periods of time. After all what good does it do for your hunting if a food plot peaks in a couple of weeks and then palatability crashes. The numbers quoted by the seed companies may look good but ask yourself for how long, and how much of that protein is actually available to the deer?

Seeds can be broadcast or drilled at a rate of 100 to 120 pounds per acre. Comes in a 50-pound bag. 1 bag plants 1/2 an acre. Plant in August in the North and September in the South.

Buck Forage Oats are one of the easiest forages to grow. It has been said that “Buck Forage Oats will grow on a wet rock”! We however don’t recommend that you put this theory to the test, instead plant on a well prepared seed bed for best results.