Possible New Louisiana State Record

Rudy Bonnette killed this monster buck on Lake Ophelia National Wildlife Refuge in Avoyelles Parish. This buck has green scored at 175 4/8 according to the Buckmaster system which doesn’t include the inside spread. It should score about 190 when measured for Boone and Crockett. Which would put it as the No. 1 buck ever … Read more

150 Class Buck

Tony Cantrell took this beauty on Nov. 9th 2002 of the Kansas deer season. “I had hunted the spot 3 different times and only glimpsed a 6 point buck. I knew a good buck was in the area and with the rut approaching I figured our paths would cross sooner or later if I was … Read more

How to Measure According to Buckmasters Rules?

Want to know if your buck will make the record book? You must first decide which method of scoring you will use. There are two methods for scoring your trophy whitetail bucks antlers, B&C; ( Boone and Crockett ) and BTR ( buckmasters ) are the two competing methods. Here the BTR ( buckmasters ) … Read more

Buck Forage Oats In Your Deer Food Plot!

When it comes to providing the quality forage and attracting deer to your property, buck forage oats are hard to beat. Buck Forage Oats have been tested against many other forages including clover and clover blends and BFO’s has proven to be the most preferred forage in side by side test. During testing, Buck Forage … Read more

Recovering Wounded Deer

The ethical hunter will always pass on questionable shots at deer. Most hunters have a deep admiration for North Americas #1 big game animal. This respect for the animal demands that you only take shots that your skill level allows. This will vary from hunter to hunter. I am admittedly at the bottom of the … Read more

Field Dressing Your Deer

Your persistence has paid off; your deer is down, now what do you do? What you do now will determine the quality of your bucks meat at the table. Proper care of your deer is very important in making sure that its taste good when it is served at the table. This article is to … Read more