Animal World: Fox Squirrels – Sciurus Niger

The Fox Squirrel (Sciurus niger) is the largest species of tree squirrels in North America. They range from the East Coast excluding New England, Colorado, and Texas and have been introduced into Northern California. Fox squirrels prefer woods/forest as any tree squirrel would, but they mostly-Chincoteague Brian Gratwicke inhabit forest with an open understory and … Read more

More About Raccoon – Procyon Lotor

Raccoons (also spelled racoon) are nocturnal mammals. Raccoons are the masked bandits that everyone is familiar with in numerous stories and tales. Raccoon are unusual in that they have thumbs, which aren’t opposable like in humans but still enable them to open many closed containers such as garbage cans and doors or latches. Raccoons are … Read more

Animal World – Skunks | Beware of the Scent

Skunks are mammals with black-and-white fur. Worldwide there are 11 species of skunk. Two skunk species inhabit Indonesia and the Philippines, and the other 9 live in North and South America. Skunks vary in size from just over 1 pound up to 10 lbs. Although the most common fur color is black and white, some … Read more

Recovering Wounded Deer

The ethical hunter will always pass on questionable shots at deer. Most hunters have a deep admiration for North Americas #1 big game animal. This respect for the animal demands that you only take shots that your skill level allows. This will vary from hunter to hunter. I am admittedly at the bottom of the … Read more