Choupique or Bowfin Picture!

Jeff Simpson caught this one near the everglades. It was released after photographing and weighing him. Jeff caught him one a live bluegill after having his 14-lb line snapped about six times the previous morning by who-knows-what. Here are some quotes.

“He was very strong and went right into the hydrilla but I pulled him out… when he got close to shore he jumped completely OUT of the water like three times – I’ve never had one do that.”

“Looking down at him from the top, he was about ten-inches wide at the head and stomach – no exaggeration. He was actually slightly more than 17 lbs on the portable scale. He was absolutely huge and nasty and he’s covered with dirt and grass because he kept getting loose from me while my partner was trying to shoot the photo. But he swam away nice and healthy.”