Trick Your Truck – Hunting Accessories for the Road

Every year, hunters travel across the country, searching for that ever-elusive 12-point buck or that perfect duck blind. And if you’re spending that much time in your truck, well, it almost becomes a second home.

If you’re an avid hunter, you may have thought about getting a hunting license plate cover or a deer decal. You may not know the vast possibilities for tricking out your truck.

Starting at the back

License plate covers and hitch covers are two of the most obvious places to start. You can find a number of camo license plate covers, including some from major brands like Ducks Unlimited, Browning, or Smith & Wesson. You can even find hitch covers that looks like a 12 gauge shotgun shell. If that’s not your style, Smith & Wesson has one that simply says “Protected by Smith & Wesson.”

However, you can add more to the back of your truck besides just camo license plate covers and hitch covers. Auto magnets are always a fun decoration, with the added benefits of being removable, so that you can put them just about anywhere on your truck that you’d like. And if you’re leading a caravan as you and your friends head out to the wilderness for a week of hunting, a deer magnet on your truck’s tailgate will show the rest of the gang exactly who they’re supposed to follow.

Inside the cab


Bring the outdoors into your truck with camo accessories like seat covers, wheel covers and floor mats. Browning has some nice rubber floor mats that not only keep your theme, but will help protect your truck’s carpet from the mud and grass and everything else that you’ll be dragging with you when you climb in and out. Seat covers have the same benefit of looking good while protecting the actual upholstery, which makes them and floor mats almost a necessary part of your truck’s camo accessories.

Rearview mirror hangers are another easy way to add personality to your ride. It’s simple, it matches your taste, and it can be easily removed. Ducks Unlimited has one that’s – what else – a duck’s head, and Buck Head has a dangling buck’s head.

Moving to the front

You can also add camo decals the rear window or to the windshield. They may not pull double duty like floor mats and seat covers. But when it comes to decorating your truck, not everything has to be practical. Besides, what better way to display your love of hunting than with a giant decal across your windshield?

Make your truck stand out from the pack this hunting season by adding camo accessories. You’ll get a chance to personalize your vehicle and still protect it from the beating that it will undergo from hauling you around the country.