Hunting and Fishing Glossary

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Dead Ahead
Directly ahead.

Deciduous trees
Trees which lose their leaves every winter, only to have them grow back in the spring.

A plastic or wooden object that looks like to the game being hunted. The decoy is used to lure the game into shooting range.

Deer yard
Small areas where large numbers of deer congregate during the winter. These areas are chosen for the shelter they provide from the weather and deep snows. Only occurs in the North.

When fawns leave their mothers to establish their own home range. Female fawns sometimes stay with their mother and do not disperse.

The weight of water displaced by a floating vessel... equals the boat's weight.

Displacement Hull
A type of boat or ship hull that doesn't appreachable lower the amount of water displaced even when under power and moving forward at or near its maximum speed. This type of hull design is not normally desired.

Away from the point of attachment or origin.

A pier or a wharf for mooring a boat too.

A female deer.

Dorsal Fin
top fin on the back of a fish or whales, situated near to or on the back.

The depth of water a boat can float in and just touch the bottom. A boat with a 12 inch draft needs 12 inches or more of water are it will be grounded.

Draw length
The distance at from the nocking point to the back of the grip.

Draw weight
The amount of force measured in pounds that is required to draw the bow.

Drop tine
A tine on an antler that drops below the main beam.

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