Hunting and Fishing Glossary

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Any animal that derives all or most of it nutrietion from the eating of animal other than insects.

A loaded round of ammunition designed to be fired in a firearm. A bullet is only a partion of the cartridge, those two terms are not interchangeable.

Fishes that migrate from fresh water to salt water to spawn or reproduce such as the American eel. Just the opposite of sea run trout.

A twin-hulled boat with the hulls side by side and connected by either a deck or poles.

Caudal fin
The tailfin of a fish.

Caudal peduncle
The tapering portion of a fishs body just before the tailfin. The tailfin is attached the caudal peduncle.

Refers to the constricting or narrowing of the bore in a shotgun. The amount of constricting determines how densely the shotgun shoots the shot. Full Chock, modified, and improved cylinder are a few of the choke options available. Distance of the expected shot determines which chock is best suited for the job.

A fitting on a boat, dock or peir to which lines are tied.

Climbing Stand
A deer stand that once affixed to a tree can be used to climb the tree. Usually a climbing stand has two sections which are each used in an alternating manner to climb the tree.

Ctenoid scales
Found in the majority of bony fish. Similar to the Cycloid scales, with growth rings. They are distinguished by the spines that cover trailing edge.

Cycloid scales
Small oval-shaped scales with growth rings. Bowfin and remora are example of fish with this type of scale.

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