Louisiana’s Birdfoot Delta

When it comes to fishing, few places can match the versatility of louisiana’s birdfoot delta. Mention the birdfoot Delta in any fishing circle, and you’ll get more than your share of puzzled looks. Yet this is the exact term geologist use to define the prolific area of Southeast Louisiana, better known as the Mississippi Delta … Read more

In Tune With Tuna

“Tuna fishing the Gulf of Mexico at night doesn’t get any better than this…” Two hours of “chunking” for tuna proved fruitless that evening on the Midnight Lump, as the sun relentlessly glared down on us. What added to the aggravation were the long sunburned faces that wondered if fresh tuna would ever line their … Read more

Lake Michigan Lure Set Ups

I would like to help you define when to use spoons, crankbaits, flasher flies, dodger flies, squids and a variety of other lures. The way I decide what to use is determined by many variables. Let’s look at each of them separately. What we are looking for is the right color, size and lure action … Read more

GPS Wreck Locations

NAME LAT/LONG Depth Block Miles to Pass Heading from Pass Date Comments 8 Pilings N 29 29.36 W 089 23.54 Angel Reef N 28 03.20 W 093 18.517 310 WC-616 Angel Reef N 28 03.467 W 093 19.07 305 WC-616 Angel Reef N 28 03.017 W 093 19.00 308 WC-616 Angel Reef N 28 02.833 … Read more

Robin Hood of The Marsh – Bow Fishing At Night

Move over Robin Hood, Alan Yedor is in the marsh. All you anglers out there, put away all those fancy rods and reels, tackle boxes, and lures and experience a different challenge in the fishing world. That’s right, fishing for reds, flounder, sheepshead, alligatior gar and, more with only the use of a bow and … Read more

Offshore Fishing – Inshore Fishing

Fish aboard a brand new 30ft.¬†Boston Whaler Outrage¬†powered by Twin 225 EFI Mercury outboards. Equipped with state of the art electronics and a cell phone. Next, for the ladies, we have a built-in fresh water shower for cleaning off after a day of fishing. Boston Whaler is a safe boat and “unsinkable legend”. Customers are … Read more