Yet Another Record Speckled Trout from Louisiana!

Records continue to fall. This is a least the 5th trout to top ten pounds this year in Louisiana! Captain Steven Bono guided angler Timothy Mahoney on an afternoon fishing trip! The result…. a 11.2 pound beauty! This fish will place number 3 or 4 in the state record list. Mahoney booked the trip with … Read more

Proof: Indiana Cougar Captured On Camera

Paul Harbour of Clay City went deer hunting with a bow (2009) and got more than he bargined for. He spotted a cougar making its way past his deer stand. Paul had the presense of mind to pull out his cell phone and take a few pictures of the cougar as it walk by. Paul … Read more

Proof: Arkansas Cougar Confirmation

A trail cam set out for deer in Arkansas has take a picture of a cougar. The picture was taken back in November 30, 2010 but the story is only now making the rounds and getting out there. The picture is from Roland, Arkansas. Not many cougars pics have been showing up from Arkansas lately … Read more

Proof: Cougar Near Athens Arkansas

I don’t yet have much info on this cougar that was caught on a trail cam near Athens, Arkansas. But it has just turned up after a whole slew of Missouri sightings. Where it came from is still in question. Very unlikely that it has come from Arkansas… talkinga about the cougar not the picture. … Read more

Why Do We Have Tides?

The Moon and Sun act together or in opposition to cause the tides that we see. Gravitational attraction of the Moon and the Sun causes the tides but not how most people think. Most people think that the Moons gravitational attraction pulls the water on Earth towards the Moon thereby causing the tides. But if … Read more

Proof: Oklahoma Cougar Caught on Trail Camera

Ryan Ritter retrieved his game camera (New Year Day 2010) since deer season was ending, but when he got home Ryan and his wife Susan were shocked to find 5 photographs of a mountain lion! These pictures are from Southeastern Oklahoma, Atoka County. Ryan and his wife Susan were amazed, especially since they had always … Read more

Alabama Big Black Bobcat

Here is the original picture from Alabama of a big black cat! Here is a picture of the back side of the feeder. Which side of the water was the cat on???? Conclusion! The exact position can not be conclusively proven. The animal could be on the far side of the water hole or it … Read more