My Incredible Kalahari Hunting Adventure

During October 2012 I was invited to my buddy Pieter du Plessis uncle’s farm in Botswana to hunt a trophy springbok, and to help with ‘pest control’ with the lion, leopard and cheetahs that are creating havoc among the livestock This farm is in the Ghanzi district, about 52km outside D’kar. Our campsite was near … Read more

Alligator Hunting Tips

1. Place your setup in a place where alligator trails are spotted on the shoreline. 2. Your hook is should be baited with a piece of smelly chicken or fish. 3. Allow the bait to dangle around 2 1/2 feet above the water. The higher that the bait is above the water, the bigger the … Read more

Rattling Up Bucks

We have all seen it on television. We have all read about it in the hunting magazines. You have even tried it once or twice. But the question remains will it work for me? Can I really expect to blow on this deer call (deer grunt calls, whitetail deer calls), bang these antlers together and … Read more

“Hunting the Attakapas Island Ghost Buck”

The year was 1995 (three years after Hurricane Andrew). The place… Louisiana’s Attakapas Island WMA. Attackapas Island is thick and formidable, resisting entry and cold as heck in the Winter. While returning from a morning hunt I found HUGE deer tracks left on a remote trail. I studied these tracks and made my mind up … Read more

Fort Stewart Wild Hog

This pig was taknen off of Ft. Stewart (military base) in Savannah, GA. Even at 6’5″ and 250 pounds the hunter still had a hard time dragging this hog out!!! His biggest boar yet, although he says bigger ones are around. He guessed the weight to be 250+.

Two Peas In a Plot!

The Buckshot Pea blend offers an agronomic-based response to excessive pre-season deer grazing while extending the longevity of the food plot. The two questions most asked by those who grow white flower peas in their food plots is this: How do I keep the deer from devouring all my plants before opening day? And where … Read more

Whitetail Deer Hunting Questions and Answers

I was just looking for information on the “Montana Fire Picture” that I found using the website. Can I get a print of this picture? Where? Since it is on the internet, is it “public domain”? Can I print one out for myself after I have downloaded it? The fire picture is public domain. … Read more