Fall Transition Bass – Where Do Bass Go?

When Mother Nature takes her brush and paints the leaves on our trees orange, yellow and brown. When Friday night and Saturday afternoons are spent cheering on your favorite high school or college football team. When the air temp gets a little cooler at night and not nearly as high at mid-day. When the water … Read more

Learn to Read the Beach

The ability to Read the Beach is a skill that takes a lifetime to perfect. It is however a necessary skill to acquire as it effectively informs us where to place our bait and increases our chances of catching a fish. The ability to read the beach allows us to identify sloughs, highways, gutters and … Read more

Port Sulphur Louisiana

Excitement was building as I contacted Alex Rogers, a professional fishing guide out of Port Sulphur, Louisiana – and one who has been very much acquainted with the inside scoop of the goings-on of the area for some 25 years. “The trout, Jerry, are thick as grass on the ground in the surf,” he said … Read more

Gigging Light and Cooler

First the light: Made with a high-beam automotive headlight, 4″ PVC, and 1″ PVC handle.  Not very heavy…not too much battery draw.  See bottom of page for materials and directions for construction. Now the cooler. This thing is TERRIFIC for holding the battery (full size auto battery), a case of beer, and your spoils from … Read more

Learn 15 Best Fishing Knots

Learn how to tie fishing knots! The most popular fishing knots explained in detail with pictures each step of the way. Learning to properly tie the best knot is critical if you want to become a better fisherman and not have that once in a lifetime fish become a tall tale. Need to learn how … Read more