The One That Got Away!

I hooked a large, no make that a monster, fish(or submarine) 3 miles from South West Pass while bottom fishing. We were fishing for snapper at the time. As long as we were fighting the fish (shark) we had to keep throwing the boat in gear to keep the fish from spooling the reel. As long as the boat was not moving the fish was taking line. The fight lasted for 1 hour and 45 minutes. You can see the same rig (with crewboat) in both pictures. It was completely dark when the hook broke. The reel was spooled with 80 lbs test line.

Let me give you some idea of the size that this fish must have been. We have landed 100# sharks without even untieing from the rig. We have landed a FOUL hooked Tarpon that weighed (guessing) 100#'s with out using the motor at all.

This fish was huge around 1000 lbs. I assume it was a shark because it did not head for the rig when hooked and did not have the blinding speed that you would expect from a tuna or marlin. It just continually stayed deep and you could feel the throb every few seconds as it moved its tail. What a fight.

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