Turkey Sounds...

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Fly Down Cackle  - is used in the early morning to make a gobbler believe a hen has just landed at your location.
Cluck - The cluck consists of one or more short, unconnected notes. Use this call to reassure a gobbler that everything is OK!
Cutt - A Cutt is a series of fast, erratic... cutts? It's abrupt that can be heard at great distances.
Gobble - Males wild turkeys gobble most frequently in the spring to let the hens know he is in the area and ready for action.
Kee Kee Run - This call simulates a lost young wild turkey!
Yelp - The yelp is a must learn turkey call. It a series of single note vocalizations run together and often followed by other sounds.
Owl - Locator call. The owl call is used most often in the morning to locate roosted gobblers.
Turkey Calling 101 Video!!!