Hunting and Fishing Glossary

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Tarsal gland
A gland inside of the hind leg of a deer. Associated with the rut.

The art of preserving game animals. Also called stuffing or mounting. The animals are usually trophy specimens that are placed on the wall to bring back memories of the hunt and to show off the accomplishment.

The area that an animal live on over the course of a life or year. Can be broken down into smaller areas for animals that vary where they live according to the season or food supply.

The periodic rise and fall of water level in the oceans caused by the sun and moons gravitational effects on the earth.

A bar or handle used for turning a boat's rudder or outboard motor.

The flat back portion of a square sterned boat.

Trapping is the catching of furbearing animals with the use of various style traps or snares.

Adult male turkey.

Topographical maps
Maps that show elevations and vegetative state of the land. Roads, building, rivers, creeks and other things of interest are also show.

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