Hunting and Fishing Glossary

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Fish of the family Salmonidae, that includs salmon and steelhead.

An animal that feeds other animals that it has found already dead.

A group of fish swimming closley together.

Pawed out area are ground deer make to communicate with each other. Associated with the rut.

The organic material that is transported and deposited by water.

A type firearm where the energy of the burning gunpowder in the shell is used to cycle the action and eject the spent shell and load the next cartridge.

Particles of soil smaller than sand and larger than clay.

A salmon or trouts developmental life stage between parr and adult. At this age the young fish about one year old and at the age where they begin their jorney to the ocean.

Sound deer make when air is quickly forced through the nostrils.

The act of reproduction of fish. The mixing of the sperm of a male fish and the eggs of a female fish usually done outside the body. Either in open water or in some form of nest.

A guage of the stiffness of an arrow. An arrow with more spine will flex less when shot than an arrow with less spine.

A large nail that protrudes through the legs of most male game bird species. Spurs can be used to determine the age of the animal.

Placed on a bow for the purpose of reducing torque and shock after releasing the arrow. Helps with accuracy by smoothing out the motions of the bow by helping prevent the bow from moving as much.

The right side of a boat.

Rear portion of a boat or ship.

Still hunt
A method of deer hunting where the hunter tries to stealthaly move through the woods with the object to spot the deer before the deer spots the hunter.

A specific population of fish
The rearm support of a rifle, pistol, or automatic weapon, to which the barrel and mechanism are attached.

Courtship behavior of turkeys and other birds to signal the male wants to mate with the female. The male walks near the female with some tail feathers fanned and all his feathers puffed up to make himself appear as large as possible.

To store/place an item in its proper place.

A subgroup within a species capable of interbreeding with other populations of the same species but sufficiently different in either size, appearance or behavior to warrant distinguishing them as significantly different from the rest of the species.

Survival Rate
Number of animals still alive after a yearly interval, divided by the original number. Survival rate is there for expressed as a percentage of individuals in a population that survive from one year to the next.

Sustainable yield
The number or weight of animals, usually fish, in a stock that can be taken by fishing without reducing the stock from year to year.

Is a are of land that is permanently or nearly always covered in water yet still contains lots of trees and other vegetation due to its shallow depth
to have a boat get filled with water.

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