Piebald Whitetail Buck Picture

Piebald deer will be mostly white with some brown spots, and their eyes will resemble those of an ordinary deer, not pink like true albino whitetail. Piebald deer are killed every year but are very rare. A true trophy in many hunters eyes, including mine. Piebald deer will be mostly white with some brown spots, … Read more

Sacramento Pikeminnow Picture

Sacramento pikeminnows once went by the name of Sacramento squawfish but that has been changed as the politically correct crowd revises the world we live in. I will continue to call them sqawfish myself. Sacramento pikeminnow are found in clear low to mid-elevation streams and rivers. They prefer streams with deep pools and slow runs. … Read more

Caught: Picture of a Spoonbill Catfish

Picture of a Spoonbill Catfish Caught by Don in Oklahoma which weighed in at 50 pounds! This fish is one of 7 caught that day by snagging. Snagging spoonbills is legal in Oklahoma. Check you local regulations to see if spoonbill are legal in your area. Spoonbill are Plankton feeders.

Picture of Kitten with Sniper Rifle!

That’s it… That’s it… One more step… One more step… Just clear that garbage can… BAM! What you think your just going to leave without checking out any more of the funny crap I have on the site! You better click again!!! That’s it. Ease the mouse onto the link below. That’s right click the … Read more