In Tune With Tuna

“Tuna fishing the Gulf of Mexico at night doesn’t get any better than this…” Two hours of “chunking” for tuna proved fruitless that evening on the Midnight Lump, as the sun relentlessly glared down on us. What added to the aggravation were the long sunburned faces that wondered if fresh tuna would ever line their … Read more

Tuna…under the cover of darkness!

Tuna fisherman the world over know that night time can be the right time, and those that have experienced night fishing around the Gulf’s deepwater platforms might argue that it’s the best time. It allows all anglers the opportunity to even the score for all their wasted attempts during day trips. Why do these platforms … Read more

Fish Facts: Yellowfin Tuna – Thunnus albacares

Yellowfin Tuna (Thunnus albacares) reach a maximum size of 450 pounds. Yellowfin have football shaped bodies, dark blue or black above with yellow on the sides and fins tinged in yellow with the finlets yellow. Yellowfin occur in both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Yellowfin Tuna are schooling fish and are the most important commercially of … Read more

Fish Facts: Skipjack Tuna

The saltwaters of this world are inhabited by numerous species of fish. Its alway fun and interesting to catch something ‘different’. The fish pictured here is common off throughout the oceans of the world but many people don’t know it is here because they have never caught one, even among some regular tuna chasers. Well … Read more