Rattling Up Bucks

We have all seen it on television. We have all read about it in the hunting magazines. You have even tried it once or twice. But the question remains will it work for me? Can I really expect to blow on this deer call (deer grunt calls, whitetail deer calls), bang these antlers together and … Read more

Seven Steps to Trophy Boars

As boar hunting continues to take leaps and bounds throughout the world of big game hunting, more and more hunting clubs and ranches are turning to management practices that produce trophy boars. Long dead are the days of excitement created by the sight of just one wild hog. Today hunters are forever searching for bigger … Read more

The Fairytale Buck

When you are a child you might dream of fairytale creatures. As we get older these dreams turn to other endeavors. For many deer hunters, the dream is of record buck bucks or that rare non-typical buck with the coveted droptine. For one Louisiana hunter the 2001-02 hunting season presented a rare opportunity for a … Read more

Possible New Louisiana State Record

Rudy Bonnette killed this monster buck on Lake Ophelia National Wildlife Refuge in Avoyelles Parish. This buck has green scored at 175 4/8 according to the Buckmaster system which doesn’t include the inside spread. It should score about 190 when measured for Boone and Crockett. Which would put it as the No. 1 buck ever … Read more