Outdoor Adventure and Survival Stories

Why Shoot Deer

Old Bill Rises From The Dead

Incredible Kalahari Hunting Adventure

Warthog Hunt At Night With A Bow

Lets Go Swimming

Deepwater Horizon

Fishing Trip to Hell!

Long Way to Camp

The Millennium Turkey

The Light

Journal Entry From Capt. Peace Marvel

My First Trip to Colorado!

The Scrape Sniffer


Close Encounter of the Cougar Kind!

Hunting Expedition Gone Bad, Real Bad!

Of Horses and Hogs

Eye To Eye With A Big Mamba

The One That Didn't Get Away!

Hunter/Boaters Beware!

The Three Amigos!

Blind Date!

The Half-Rack Buck

One For The Boys

Play It Again Sam

Cut It, Cut It, Cut It!

Hunting the Attakapas Island Ghost Buck

Duck Hunting???

Fighting Northern Pike

A Trip Through The Twilight Zone?

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