Fish Facts: Saugeye – Sander Vitreus / Sander Canadensis

Saugeye, is a cross between a Sauger and a Walleye. Saugeye are produced artificially interbreeding male sauger and female walleye. Saugeye have some features of both parent species. Identified by two things main features, the lower portion of tail is light and rear portion of dorsal has the black spot. Also blotches don’t look quite … Read more

Fish Facts: Sauger – Sander Canadensis

The sauger Sander canadensis is a freshwater fish that close resembles a walleye. They are the most migratory perchlike species in North America. They can be distinguished from walleyes by the distinctly spotted dorsal fin, by the lack of a white splotch on the tail fin and by the rough skin over their gillplate, and … Read more