Fish Facts: Firewood Catfish – Sorubimichthys planiceps

The Firewood Catfish aka Shovelnose Catfish is a large catfish that reaches sizes of up to five feet long; however the body is elongated and the fish don’t weight very much compared to their length. They actually look like they are starving. The firewood catfish has a flat head with very very long barbels. Which … Read more

Hardhead Catfish

Commonly called Hardhead Catfish or simply referred to as hardheads the saltwater catfish gets no respect. Considered a trash fish by all but a very very small number of fisherman. Hardheads don’t get near the fame that their freshwater relatives do. Despite this I have heard two people that have eaten them. One because of … Read more

Fish Facts: Spoonbill Catfish

Spoonbill Catfish (Polyodon spathula) The spoonbill catfish, also known as the paddle fish, is one of most ancient fish around. They are also one of the oddest looking fish species. Spoonbill catfish are not actually catfish at all as the name implies. Spoonbill Catfish were once endangered but are making a comeback. Spoonbill catfish or … Read more

Monster: Mekong Giant Catfish

Mekong giant catfish (Pangasianodon gigas) he is a picture that has been widely distributed throughout the internet and you are probably wondering if this is a hoax or real. Well unlike just about every other amazing photograph that makes these rounds this one just so happens to be REAL! This one weighed in at an … Read more

Monster: Wels Catfish

This picture of a Wels Catfish is quickly making its way around the internet. It is being passed around as a huge blue catfish when infact it is a Wels Catfish. Wels catfish as you can see get quite large. Some even a good bit larger than this one at 187.4 pounds. Wels catfish have … Read more