Seven Steps to Trophy Boars

As boar hunting continues to take leaps and bounds throughout the world of big game hunting, more and more hunting clubs and ranches are turning to management practices that produce trophy boars. Long dead are the days of excitement created by the sight of just one wild hog. Today hunters are forever searching for bigger … Read more

Hunting by Necessity

Hunting is primarily a cold weather sport that is awakened by the falling of leaves and the blowing of those cold north winds. Hunters’ closets are filled with cold weather gear all covered in their favorite camo patterns, just waiting for the first chilly day to be used in that long awaited hunt. The great … Read more

Official Boar Scoring System

The time has come for boar hunting to step forward and take its rightful place as North America’s premiere dangerous game animal. Wild boars are the beasts of kings and it’s time that the true monster boars have an official record scoring and documenting system to be ranked and remembered by. I have seen some … Read more