Boone and Crockett Alabama Buck Picture

I was contacted by Sonja Davis and John Holderfield about a monster buck taken by their father. They were proud of their father and wanted me to show it off. Their father, Thomas Holderfield took this deer on Dec. 22 2001. It was shot on private land in Cullman County Alabama. Who says the south … Read more

Alabama Big Black Bobcat

Here is the original picture from Alabama of a big black cat! Here is a picture of the back side of the feeder. Which side of the water was the cat on???? Conclusion! The exact position can not be conclusively proven. The animal could be on the far side of the water hole or it … Read more

Alabama Black Panther Video

Here is another video someone sent me that was taken in Alabama, about 25 miles South of Selma. This one is amazing. Don’t know if it is a cougar as the cat is black and cougars don’t come in that color!!! Or do they??? Maybe it is a Jaguar or Leapord… those do come in … Read more