Hog Magnets

One of the biggest challenges in long term hog hunting and management is to be able to keep hogs in a given area for an extended period of time. There are a few factors that should be looked at when determining what needs to be done to get hogs in a certain area and keep … Read more

Alabama Big Black Bobcat

Here is the original picture from Alabama of a big black cat! Here is a picture of the back side of the feeder. Which side of the water was the cat on???? Conclusion! The exact position can not be conclusively proven. The animal could be on the far side of the water hole or it … Read more

Proof: Mississippi Cougar Caught on Video

Thanks for visiting my website, I hope you enjoy all the video clips. Below is a video clip of a cougar aka panther, mountain lion, puma. The amazing part about the clip is where it all happened! This wasn’t filmed out West where cougars are well established. This video was taken near Meridian Mississippi. I … Read more

Fish Facts: Dolphin Fish, Dorado, Mahi Mahi

Dolphin, Dorado, Mahi Mahi (Caryphaena hippurus) not to be confused with its smaller relative the Chicken Dolphin, is a colorful fish caught in the Gulf of Mexico as well as the Atlantic Ocean. Bull dolphin are the larger of the dolphin species. (90 lbs max) that are mostly yellow with green, blue and white spots … Read more

Cougar Track Identification

Finding cougar tracks is one way that experts can confirm the presense of a cougar in an area. Although for track evidence to be accepted as a proven confirmation it would have to be examined by a trained perfessional. But before that step can reached the layperson would have to know what he is looking … Read more

Alabama Black Panther Video

Here is another video someone sent me that was taken in Alabama, about 25 miles South of Selma. This one is amazing. Don’t know if it is a cougar as the cat is black and cougars don’t come in that color!!! Or do they??? Maybe it is a Jaguar or Leapord… those do come in … Read more

Caught: Picture of a Spoonbill Catfish

Picture of a Spoonbill Catfish Caught by Don in Oklahoma which weighed in at 50 pounds! This fish is one of 7 caught that day by snagging. Snagging spoonbills is legal in Oklahoma. Check you local regulations to see if spoonbill are legal in your area. Spoonbill are Plankton feeders.

Photo Evidence of Cougars in the South!

The cougar goes by many names: mountain lion, puma, panther, catamount and others. These different names have led to a lot of confusion, so just to clarify; these are all the same creature. The cougar once inhabited most of North and South America but by the 1900’s had been largely exterminated from most lands east … Read more

How to Tell a Gobbler From a Hen

The question of how to identify a turkey as a hen or a gobbler, male or female might seem like a silly question to a seasoned veteran, but to the beginner, positive identification is a skill that doesn’t come just because you decided to take up the sport. A little study and time in the … Read more

Listen to Turkey Sounds

On this page I am assuming you are new to turkey hunting and haven’t learnt how to use you turkey call kit yet (If you don’t have a kit yet I recommend you get a Turkey Starter Kit to learn the basics) you can also check out our turkey calls page to learn about the various … Read more